Become them with Empathy

Empathy is the most powerful communication tool, period.

Let’s get this straight at the start. Empathy is not about feeling sympathetic. That is too distant and abstract. The classic definition of empathy starts at the point of sensing and feeling someone else’s thoughts or emotions. But, it’s more than simply seeing inside them, as though you were wearing special eyeglasses. It’s about understanding someone so deeply that, in a sense, you become them.

Empathy means you feel what they feel, and you think what they think. That’s the key to immense personal power because, when you speak from an empathic standpoint, they sense they are speaking to themselves.

But, what if you are not blessed, or “cursed,” with empathy?

MercurySaysPersonal does the job for you. It gives you an empathic insight way beyond the normal. Then, it helps you to write your response with astonishing power through its predictive perception.

Interact with your family, friends, and work colleagues as if you are the most empathic person in the world.

And, by using MercurySaysPersonal, you will be.