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Date: December 29, 2021
Embargo: None

Brides Suffer Texting Anxiety But There Is An Answer

The happiest day in a woman’s life is often the most stressful, much of it caused by parents and parents-in-law. There is a lot going on and a great deal of perfection being sought by everyone.

And, often, worries of various types don’t stop there. As the big day recedes into the past, problems can arise that make some anxieties worse.

To reduce the level of stress that is inherent in text messages, we have created a revolutionary method of analyzing language that opens a path to more deeply understanding people and what they have written. Further, it encourages the creation of positive and empathic responses by the bride-to-be as the wedding day approaches and beyond.

Most of us have seen the American Psychological Association’s analysis that one-in-five people believe their phone creates stress.

Our new website,, allows a woman to instantly use powerful psycholinguistic statistical analysis to see a deeper meaning within emails, SMS, and text messages.

MercurySaysPersonal identifies a text writer’s emotions, their self-image, and their openness to other points of view. Then, the program predicts what the writer is most likely to do next.

That means, a woman can more deeply understand a message from those close to her. Then, she can respond with an exceptional level of insight and empathy which, in turn, boosts their own confidence and grace.

MercurySaysPersonal measures word choice, word combinations, grammatical forms, message structures, emotional intensity, and action focus. Typically, the mind does not notice this vital information in its rush to react. And, that’s a trap, particularly for people already under stress.

MercurySaysPersonal does not use artificial intelligence (A.I.). So, the message submitted remains safe and perfectly private. MercurySaysPersonal tests messages through a sophisticated database that makes nearly one million decisions based on H.I. (that’s the marvellously reliable “Human Intelligence”).

The renowned communication expert and senior consultant, Francis Walsh, has used his extraordinary insight to help tens of thousands of people to understand what they are reading and to respond in a highly effective and (seemingly) intuitive way. His clients have included numerous national organizations, many top-level executives, and thousands of staff.


Now, his powerful analysis is available to every woman preparing for her big day and forever after. They simply paste an incoming message into the window of, and press Submit. It’s easy, private and free.

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About Us

MercurySaysPersonal is part of the MercurySays group which operates under the auspices of the Rushworth Consultancy Pty Ltd. Francis Walsh is the founder and CEO. He has been an ongoing communications consultant to nearly 300 organizations throughout Australia over the last 30 years. His clients have included the Australian Federal Parliament, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Finance, the Department of Defence, the Australian Federal Police, numerous State Police Services, major banks, superannuation corporations and telecommunications providers. He has presented educational programs to 50,000 professional staff based on his unique communication theory.

The MercurySays group also operates, which analyzes incoming sales messages and advises on how to encourage people to agree to a sales proposition.