Form 2 Test Second Version

How does this assessment work?

MercurySays measures your emotions, your intent and many other aspects of your thinking. It does this by analyzing your language preferences in Forms 1 and 2.

This assessment may take up to one hour to complete.

In choosing one statement over another in a pair, you should decide which more closely suits your current feelings. There are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes, you may encounter two messages that so similar that it is difficult to choose one over the other. Don’t overthink your decision. Choose one, even if you are not sure why you are doing so.

You will also be asked to write two or more sentences on various topics eleven times in Form 2. Use these responses as a chance to write in your own words what you think and feel. Don’t worry about errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. We don’t measure those issues.

After you submit Form 1.

When you have submitted Form 1, we would like you to complete Form 2 (this form) at least four hours later. For best results, you could complete Form 1 at a particular time on one day and Form 2 at the same time on the following day.

The person who arranged for you to complete this assessment will not see any of your answers to Form 1 or 2. They will be provided with the insights that MercurySays identifies. We expect that they will provide you with those results. There is a sample of the results on the homepage.

What to do now.

Please fill in your details below, then choose one of each pair of messages that feels closest to your current feelings.

Write responses of two sentences or more to the eleven topics identified.

Thank you very much for completing this assessment.