Technical Information

MercurySays Personal is a sophisticated language analyzer that uses a unique set of principles to detect the implicit meanings that form the foundations of a message. A language and communication expert, Francis Walsh developed these principles over 40 years and used his expertise to provide consultation services to hundreds of organizations, including some of the largest and most powerful in Australia.

Deploying objective, standardized measures, MercurySays Personal focuses on, among many other aspects, the intent of a message and, consequently, the thinking that created it. MercurySays Personal identifies patterns and structures that are common to all human communication and, from that perspective, it offers profound insights that can assist the user in writing their reply.

MercurySaysPersonal employs a database/dictionary to assess text messages by measuring words, punctuation marks, and combinations of words, such as pairs, phrases, clauses, sentences, exclamations, questions, paragraphs, and message structures. Aside from standard lexicographic entries, the database/dictionary includes numbers, symbols, short forms, vernacular terms, misspellings, slang, neologisms, and phonetic spellings based on regional and national accents. It is continually updated to accommodate commonly used and current subject matters, styles, and linguistic idiosyncrasies.