Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

The MercurySays team, led by Francis Walsh, analyzed the characteristics of Gary Vaynerchuk’s communication style. We focused on publicly available examples of him speaking naturally in video interviews and transcriptions.

We measured Gary’s language in many ways, including using our own proprietary programs, such as MercurySaysSales and MercurySaysPersonal.

We chose Gary because we admire him and have followed his progress as a leading entrepreneur. We find him inspiring, especially his intellectual energy and empathic sensitivity. We cherish these deeply human characteristics.

Here’s what we learned.

Personal Stance

Gary focuses on knowing and believing. This is the rarest communication stance and it’s the hardest to identify, which is why it’s called the “silent mode.” This stance sits deep in the soul. That indicates that he is constantly ready to express himself emotionally and through action.

His level of certainty appears to be moderate, which strongly suggests he is willing to hear and consider new or different ideas, even after he is confident about what he thinks is right.

Gary’s language shows many instances of strong willpower and high levels of optimism.

External Focus

Being highly attentive, Gary appears to work hard to understand the world as it currently is. Usually, he takes determined, appropriate action. There are hints in his messages that he is not particularly patient, but Gary promotes patience as an important part of achieving success, so he may be fully aware of this trait.

His visual sense seems to dominate; however, he seems to also to have strong tactile and auditory senses.

Messaging Style

Gary’s messages are simple but extremely intelligently constructed. He uses strong reasoning, often starting from general principles and providing detailed evidence. Sometimes, his messages are constructed as mini essays, with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

His tone is usually emphatic, serious, and somewhat distant, as though he is looking at issues from an overall perspective. Of course, it is undeniable that he is quick-witted.

Seemingly contradicting Gary’s innate optimism, he does focus on the negative, delineating what should not and what will not happen. From that perspective, he is inclined to form a clear view of which issues should be monitored or avoided: probably a vital skill in the sometimes-brutal world of business.

So, you can see how insightful he is when he says …

“There is no delusion in my optimism.”

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