Graham Stephan

Everything we learned here is based on an analysis of Graham’s natural language structures, grammatical patterns, words, and much more.

Where He Stands

Like all successful businesspeople, Graham’s communication focuses on action. There is more activity in his sentences than in some workplaces on a Monday morning.

Again, like big time entrepreneurs, Graham’s style strongly suggests he is open to new ideas. His messages indicate low levels of certainty, which you may find surprising. But, when you take risks, like making yourself a public figure as you build your asset base, you need to be highly attuned to other ideas so that you avoid pitfalls.

Graham has one of the highest will-power results we have seen. It is not particularly obvious when you listen to him but it becomes evident when you analyze his language. He also shows remarkably high levels of optimism … higher than most successful entrepreneurs. And, that is saying something.

Our investigations highlighted three deeper emotions that appear to form a starting point in his messages. Those feelings can be summarized as “emphatic,” “vigilant,” and “trustworthy.”

Watching one of his YouTube posts for just 30 seconds will show you how “emphatic” he is. But, the other two emotions are fascinating. There are numerous examples of Graham’s vigilance in analyzing the world of real estate and investing. We also suspect he would not be so successful if he did not feel deeply that he was “trustworthy.”

Do these three deep emotions, implicit in all his communication, form the foundation of his fame? They certainly have a profound role.

How He Engages

Graham’s language shows that he is a sharp, fast thinker. This is reinforced by his generally serious mood. Of course, he jokes around sometimes, but his general disposition is to express himself in a businesslike way, which is nicely balanced by his optimism.

Again, like other successful businesspeople, Graham’s language shows he is intensely focused on the real world and his interaction with it.

Backing that up, we see (literally) that Graham focuses on the visual. You may notice other strong senses but that shows how much information he takes in through his eyes. His YouTube posts are a testament to that.

Graham concentrates on time in a particular way, a focus we have noticed with lots of high-end successful investors and entrepreneurs. His language shows a deep concern to understand the past. That doesn’t mean he dwells in the past or that he is obsessed with history. He is almost certainly trying to learn from experience so he can avoid problems and enjoy his success.

The most surprising and telling insight into Graham’s communication style is how he presents information. You may find it useful.

How He Presents

Graham deploys simple words in his messages, but his sentences are longer than you may expect. They are really long. Add to that, his lengthier messages are deep. Very deep. He explores each issue with lots of details, evidence and strong points.

His communication style is remarkable in that he shape-shifts his message format. He may start with his main point, then elaborate. Next, he will provide details then end with his next principal point. He then strengthens his argument, by creating a message that is like a mini essay with a start, a body, and a conclusion.

Like many successful communicators, Graham’s messages are dominated by “and.” In that way, he offers a set of related pieces of information, each of which is about equal in value. But, he does more than that. He adds a light sprinkling of links that tell you why his main point is not universally true and what consequences may arise from it. He uses these two linking devices in about equal amounts.

Overall, Graham’s emotional tone is smart, attentive and determined. And, to an overwhelming degree, his messages are dominated by positive statements, which display his innate optimism.

Read that quote again.

“Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.”

There are deeper lessons to be found in it that go much further than its literal meaning.

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