How Lincoln Persuaded

If you’ve studied the Gettysburg Address, you know that Abraham Lincoln could talk. And, he knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote his speeches.

But, see how he wove the listeners’ concerns with his own insights and solutions.

This is the soul of excellent communication. His message combined the speaker and the listener, as though the listener was writing parts of the speech.

You would likely get ready agreement with such an empathic approach. What a boost you would give to every email and text message if you followed Abraham’s advice.

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You may not create the Gettysburg Address, but you can infuse your message with empathy and purpose that is almost irresistible.

More than that, you can strengthen relations that are important to you, be they family, friends, or work colleagues.

Remember, every relationship hangs by the thread of good communication.

MercurySaysPersonal is there for you. Forever.