How MercurySays Works

When someone responds to the text choices offered in the MercurySays forms and when they write their thoughts on the identified topics, our program begins its analysis.

First, the preferred language structures and characteristics are assessed to identify the most dominant emotions that they are implicitly expressing. MercurySays can identify up to 149 basic and blended emotions. Those emotions may not be apparent in a literal message, but MercurySays delves much deeper than explicit expressions.

Once someone’s strongest emotions are revealed, MercurySays measures the intensity of their focus on:

  • Other people’s opinions.
  • The deeper purpose of their message.
  • Their intellectual engagement.
  • Their overall confidence.
  • The energy they are willing to expend.
  • Their emotional engagement.
  • The independence of their position.

This assessment is then considered in relation to the eleven principal concerns of managers.

MercurySays then provides insight, analysis, and advice that guides staff on the best ways to improve their performance in the areas of their managers’ main concerns.

Welcome to the new world of communication.