Is Their Message Sincere?

Our new language measure works to answer important questions you may have about an incoming message.

Do they really care?

Are they honestly focused on their message and on you?

Can you truly trust their message?

To develop an insight, we decided to measure indications of sincerity. To see a result, scroll to the bottom of the MercurySays Personal reports after you submit a message. There you will find the heading “Is their message sincere?” and beneath it you will see the result.

Is their message sincere? Keyboard

Using the Sincerity Measure

When you know the sincerity level of an incoming email or text message, you can decide how to respond.

Imagine that MercurySays Personal says “Absolutely Yes. Their message has many strong indicators of sincerity.” In this case, you can be confident that the message has likely been taken very seriously by the writer and that it reflects their real attitudes and beliefs.

However, if the sincerity report says “Mostly No. Their message has only a few indicators of sincerity,” you may want to reply by emphasizing how important the issue is. Alternatively, you could empathize with the writer’s perceptions and stance. Of course, if their sincerity report says “No. Their message has almost no indicators of sincerity,” you may decide not to reply at all.

MercurySays Personal does not know the context in which the submitted message was created so, in an extreme situation where the writer was a skilled liar, the sincerity measure may not recognize that deception.

For most normal situations, the sincerity measure provides a striking insight into how much you should trust the message you have received and, therefore, how to reply in the best possible way.

Welcome to the new world of communication.