Shocking SMS Mistakes

How to drive a relationship off a cliff.

Your reply’s first sentence, “But, I like pizza,” contradicts them and attacks their feelings.

MercurySaysPersonal saw that they were feeling …

Assertive    Animated    Unready

They are feeling strong and energized but not in control the situation. So, your first sentence made them feel more anxious and less in control. Was that what you wanted?

MercurySaysPersonal can tell they think they are …                               

Waiting    Insecure    Attentive

We already know they are feeling insecure. But, they are also waiting and watching.

But, you said you are in control and their preferences don’t matter. Because they are being attentive, they will see that.

Your reply is sad because MercurySaysPersonal has identified that their mind is …

Mostly Open

They are ready to accept a new idea, but you have caused so much damage they won’t stay that way for long.

In its final prediction, MercurySaysPersonal gives you a warning. They likely to become …

The Leader

That means they will turn the tables on you and make a swift decision: one you probably won’t like.

You see, the only positive response they can give to your reply is a meek “Oh. Okay.” After reluctantly agreeing, they will turn up at the restaurant feeling bad. So, you will have pushed the relationship to the edge of a cliff.

You should have replied: “Forget it.” It would have saved you both tons of trouble.

If you had used MercurySaysPersonal, you could have strengthened your relationship by replying …

“I understand completely. Check out the menu (attached). There are lots of meals other than pizza. So, you can choose whatever you like. I’d love you to experience the atmosphere. It’s great fun. Next time we go out, you decide where. Deal?”

Want to continue this relationship?

You’ve made a big mistake.

MercurySaysPersonal analyzed the incoming message:

“I’d love to see you this afternoon. Are you available?”

MercurySaysPersonal knows they were feeling …

Smart Assertive Determined

So, your reply has directly attacked their feelings in the first word: “No.”

Ouch! But, what happens next is worse.

MercurySaysPersonal knows that they think they are …

Persuasive Influential Faithful

But, you’ve told them you aren’t persuaded, that they are not influential, and that they are not steady and strong.


MercurySaysPersonal knows that their mind is …

Starting to Close

They are moving in the right direction to strengthen your relationship, but you offer a … new idea: “Maybe tomorrow.”

That “Maybe” sounds like “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”


What will they do next? MercurySaysPersonal sees they are shifting to the role of …

The Observer

They will be looking for proof that you care.

Hope you are intending to kill the relationship. You just about did it in three words!

If you had used MercurySaysPersonal,
your reply could have been …

“I’d like that, too. Great idea. This afternoon I am locked into a late meeting with my boss. Can we meet up tomorrow? I’d love that. I am persuaded.”

Now, test the most recent message you have received from someone you care about.