The Right Track

People sitting on a railroad track

The great humorist, Will Rogers, was right. When that sweet moment of complacency arrives, it rarely lasts long. Enjoy it while you can.

You see that classic situation everywhere: in personal relations, families, working teams, and even whole nations. Just when everything is rolling along nicely, something happens that makes the “right track” harder to stay on and, at times, downright dangerous.

The usual reactions? Disbelief. Anger. Blaming (usually someone or something else). And, for some people, eventually, a return to complacency … this time in relation to the new track they have fallen to, whether good or bad.

So, what are people complacent about?

The most obvious is the relationship between the person who receives a text message and the person who sends it. The one who sends it, thinks it will be fully understood.

The person who receives it (probably, that’s you) thinks they understand the message and the meanings behind it.

Most of the time, you are measuring your own reactions and not what was actually sent … or even what was actually meant.

Suddenly, along comes something different … really different. If you are not ready for it, you may miss a brilliant opportunity. But, if you stay alert, you can ride its momentum to new heights.

That’s exactly what MercurySaysPersonal can do for you.

You’ve probably never seen anything like it. And, if you don’t use it, you will be left behind.

Don’t let others find the right track before you. Be assured, they won’t be sitting on it.