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Morrison: Being Uniquely Ordinary

MercurySaysPersonal objectively tests the structure and language of a message to discover its deeper meaning.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke about a morning tea meeting for Australian of the Year finalists at the Lodge in Canberra. During a photo shoot, the former Australian of the Year Grace Tame was reported to be standing ‘stony faced’ and ‘appeared reluctant to shake [the Prime Minister’s] hand’.

MercurySaysPersonal reports that Scott Morrison feels …

Down-to-earth   Convinced   Excited

Many of Scott Morrison’s messages reveal that his main emotion relates to being ‘down-to-earth’. That’s incredibly important in the Australian cultural context.

His message suggests that he thinks he is …

Certain   Clever   Alert

These infer that Morrison’s self-perception is that he is ‘on the ball’. Add to that, his secondary emotions, which emphasise being ‘convinced’ and ‘excited’.

Now, put all those elements together. The subliminal message is of someone who has the ‘common touch’ while being extraordinarily focused and self-assured.

Morrison’s language suggests that his mind is …

Starting to Close

Of course, his mind is not closed but, starting from a neutral standpoint, he is pointing in that direction at this time.

MercurySaysPersonal perceives that, next, Scott Morrison will become …

The Calculator

He will decide on the conclusions he can draw from the evidence. Those conclusions will give him a reliable understanding of the current circumstances.

Scott Morrison’s language suggests a common man with an uncommon command of the situation and of himself. In the Australian political and cultural context, that is immensely significant.

Don’t forget to test the messages you receive, too.

There is much to learn about the people around you.

Albanese: Poised to Pounce

Australia has been experiencing tumultuous times through the Covid pandemic, and now it’s facing a general election before 21 May.

The Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese wrote an article for the Australian Financial Review that was published on 28 January 2022. He tweeted about it.

Anthony Albanese’s tweet read as follows …

Australians are a hard working lot.

In return for their hard work they expect that their wages will keep up with the cost of living. It’s part of the social compact. But right now wages are going backwards.

We decided to put his tweet through our new text analyzing website, MercurySaysPersonal, to see what this objective test would show. Remember, this program does not interpret literal meaning. It measures the structure and language of a message to discover something deeper.

The results are fascinating.

MercurySaysPersonal indicated that the writer feels …

Determined   Smart   Ready

That all looks good. Of particular interest is that he feels ‘ready’: poised and prepared.

The program also identified that the writer thinks they are …

Sure   Attentive   Waiting

Again, that seems about right, but it’s fascinating seeing the word ‘waiting’ here.

He is clearly ready to pounce.

So, how open is the writer’s mind?

MercurySaysPersonal indicates that, at the time of writing, there was no room for alternative views or arguments. The writer’s mind appears to be …

Nearly Closed

MercurySaysPersonal assesses that, next, the writer is likely to become …

The Investigator

The writer will watch for sudden changes or new information.

It seems to fit together: ready, waiting, watching. And, all found in the analysis of a 38-word tweet. Neat!

You can test Scott Morrison’s messages (or anyone else’s), if you wish. Just copy a tweet, LinkedIn post, text message or email, and submit it to for an objective analysis. It’s free, instant, and totally secure.