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MercurySays analyzes language preferences and styles to understand how people are thinking and feeling. It deploys a unique analytical tool to determine what drives people’s attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.

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Now, learn about the co-founder of MercurySays, Francis Walsh.

Francis Walsh has changed the lives of many thousands of people who have learned and applied his unique approach to communication. From his brilliant corporate career to his bestselling books, Francis has supported and enhanced the work of executives and staff, helping them to achieve greater success, build stronger relationships, and improve the lives of those around them.

Now, MercurySays makes Francis Walsh’s insights and advice easily available to you.

Join the growing number of managers who identify their needs and instruct their staff through MercurySays’ insight and advice.

Francis Walsh has …

  • More than 30 years’ experience as a national communication consultant.
  • Supported some 300 of the most important government and private sector organizations nation-wide.
  • Worked extensively with almost all federal government departments and agencies, federal and state police services, numerous state and local government organizations, and private sector corporations in the telecommunications and banking sectors.

Welcome to the new world of communication.