Welcome to MercurySays, the breakthrough support program for text conversations.

I guess you have already experienced the powerful insights of MercurySays and, hopefully, you have used them to confidently create messages that have great impact.

Many of our relationships, personal and professional, hang by a thread. When we rely on text, many of the signals we would normally include in face-to-face communication are invisible. We can’t see each other’s eye movements or facial expressions. Nor, can we hear the tone of voice, or watch for gestures and body postures. 

That’s why MercurySays is so important. It dives deep into your message, far below its literal meaning, to give you extraordinary insights about how you are presenting yourself.

  • what emotions you are expressing
  • how open you are to other opinions
  • what the deeper purpose of your message is
  • how sincere you seem to be
  • how engaged you are with the other person or the situation

MercurySays gives you a vital edge in creating messages exactly how you want them to be, which will help you to encourage reactions and responses from your readers that are the best possible.

Remember, that MercurySays does not use A.I. Nor do we record, collect, store, or sell your messages. 

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Francis Walsh

Francis Walsh has changed the lives of many thousands of people who have learned and applied his unique approach to communication. From his fiction and non-fiction books to his brilliant corporate career, Francis has supported and enhanced the work of executives and staff, helping them to achieve greater success, to build stronger relationships, and to improve the lives of those around them.

Now, MercurySays makes Francis Walsh’s insights and advice easily available to you. Just paste your draft message into the window on the homepage and press Submit.

Join the growing number of MercurySays users world-wide who instantly gain deep insights into themselves and their messages. Then you, too, can engage with unerring precision while helping to make the world a better place one conversation at a time.

Francis Walsh has …

  • More than 30 years’ experience as a communication consultant.
  • Supported some 300 of the most important government and private sector organizations throughout Australia.
  • Worked extensively with the Australian Federal Parliament, almost all federal government departments and agencies, federal and state police services, numerous state and local government organizations, and private sector corporations in the telecommunications and banking sectors.

Welcome to the new world of communication.